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Basketball fundamentals & physical fitness training in a professional, structured environment focused on skill perfection, sportsmanship and fair play.

We believe that perfect practice and personal discipline under the guidance of experienced coaching are the key ingredients for the most advanced athletic and personal development. basketball1

Our services are specifically aligned by age group and skill level to provide expert training, positive reinforcement and challenge to the youngest amateur up to and including college and professional levels of Basketball. Our facility has been designed to state-of-the-art professional standards and demonstrates our commitment to our Athletes and our community.

Sport specific skills in basketball include such fundamentals as dribbling, shooting, and passing. If two competing players possess equal sport specific skills, it is the better athlete who will consistently come out on top. Why? Because the degree to which a player develops his or her athletic abilities-speed, power, endurance, coordination, agility-is what ultimately determines the level at which that player can perform sport specific skills.

Unfortunately, many players fail to develop their athletic ability fully and instead focus only on improving their basketball skills. As a result, players typically become very good at performing basketball skills but lack the physical development to exploit those skills completely.

One player in the history of the sport stood apart because of his superior “total package”, Michael Jordan. He allowed us to see what’s possible when incomparable physical ability is combined with exceptional basketball skills. He demonstrated the “total package.” There are no gimmicks or shortcuts to developing athleticism or sport specific skills – just HARD WORK, and we’ll show them how!